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ebet真人平台 液压升降机检修時间的要求与维护保养

Requirements and Maintenance of Hydraulic Lift Maintenance Time


1. Maintenance in peacetime (carried out in each class).


2. After 1500 hours of work on the hydraulic lifting platform, minor repairs have been made to the mechanical equipment and circuit system.


3. After 5000 hours of operation, the hydraulic elevator will be repaired in the middle of the mechanical and electrical systems.

ebet真人平台 4.液压升降平台工作中10000钟头后,对机械设备、电路系统开展维修。

ebet真人平台 4. After 10,000 hours of work on the hydraulic lifting platform, the mechanical equipment and circuit system are maintained.

ebet真人平台 液压升降机机械设备的维护与保养:

Maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment of hydraulic elevator:


1. The braking system of each organization should regularly check and adjust the gap between the braking system Bush and the braking system wheel to ensure that the braking system is convenient and reliable. No waste is needed on the friction surface. In case of waste, wash it off with gasoline or diluent.

ebet真人平台 2.减速箱、变速箱、外啮合齿轮等各部分的润滑以及液压油均按润滑表中的要求进行。

2. The lubrication of gearbox, gearbox, external meshing gear and other parts as well as the hydraulic oil are carried out according to the requirements of the lubrication table.

ebet真人平台 3.要留意查验各处镀锌钢丝绳有没有断丝和松股状况。如超出相关要求务必马上更换。镀锌钢丝绳的维修保养应严苛按gb5144-85要求。

3. Attention should be paid to checking whether the galvanized wire rope is broken or loose. If it exceeds the relevant requirements, it must be replaced immediately. Maintenance of galvanized steel wire rope should strictly comply with the requirements of gb5144-85.

4.常常查验各处的联接状况,若有松脱应予以扭紧。人体联接地脚螺栓应在人体受力时查验松紧(可选用转动臂的方式 去导致受力情况),全部联接稍轴都务必有开口销,并需伸开充足。

4. Always check the connection condition everywhere and tighten it if it is loose. The bolt of human connecting grounding foot should be checked tightly when the human body is under stress (the way of rotating arm can be selected to cause the stress). All connecting slightly shafts must have open pins and need to be stretched adequately.

ebet真人平台 5.经常检查各机构运转是否正常,有无噪音,如发现故障,必须及时排除。

ebet真人平台 5. Check regularly whether the institutions are functioning properly and whether there is noise. If faults are found, they must be eliminated in time.


6. When installing, disassembling, assembling and adjusting the rotating organization, attention should be paid to ensuring that the axis of the rotating organization reducer is parallel to the axis of the transmission gear, and that the tooth contact surface is not less than 70%, and the tooth gap should be appropriate.


7. Always check all cables and cables for damage. The damaged parts should be dressed and replaced in time.

ebet真人平台 8.遇到电动机有过热现象要及时停车,排除故障后再继续运行,电机轴承润滑要良好。

ebet真人平台 8. When the motor is overheated, stop in time and continue to run after troubleshooting. The motor bearings should be lubricated well.

ebet真人平台 9.各一部分炭刷,其表面要清洁,调节炭刷工作压力,使其触碰总面积不低于50%。

ebet真人平台 9. The surface of each part of the carbon brush should be clean, and the working pressure of the carbon brush should be adjusted so that the total touching area of the carbon brush should not be less than 50%.


10. The control cabinets and distribution cabinets of the hydraulic lifting platform are often cleaned and the dust on the electrical equipment is cleaned immediately.


ebet真人平台 Maintenance of hydraulic lifting platform is a compulsory course for every company to apply machinery and equipment. It can ensure the characteristics of commodities and the service life of hydraulic lifting platform more strongly. Therefore, timely maintenance is necessary.